A Guide to Northstar

A Guide to Northstar


Every day is luxury living when you make Northstar Community your home. Northstar is the premier family destination where you can enjoy a personalized blend of adventure and relaxation over acres of world-class mountain terrain, luxury village amenities, fine dining, and chic boutiques. A timeless resort that offers more than just a place to call home, but fuels your lifestyle so that you can enjoy more out of your mountain retreat. Northstar offers various experiences, including casual dining at The Village to fine dining at The Ritz, shopping at chic boutiques, plus relaxation with spa and yoga amenities. The mountain provides summer and winter activities like world-class cross country skiing, snowshoeing, golfing, hiking, roller skating, and mountain biking.



Amenities at this four-season resort include a gorgeous yet challenging golf course, hiking, North America's premier mountain bike park, tennis, swimming, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, ice skating in the Village, and snowshoeing. Lifestyle is the reason people choose to call Northstar their home. Enjoy a summer day waking up to go trail running on "West Martis Creek" or take the gondola up to mid-mountain where you can join your friend's mountain biking on insane terrain. During the winter, expect the first chair on "Arrow Express," then skiing backside where you can gaze out to the most majestic views in Truckee.when you live at Northstar, you can always rely on having adventures right in your backyard.



Your weekends will start to shift from visiting Northstar on the weekends to living your best life in your Northstar "staycation" home. After a day of recreation on the mountain, you'll enjoy shopping in the Village for world renowned outdoor brands like Patagonia, The North Face, Burton, and Oakley. Then spend time winding down and treating yourself to a spa session at the Ritz Carlton or Tahoe Spa and Wellness Center. Every weekend in Northstar not only is easily accessible but becomes your everyday lifestyle.



Enjoy the family community of Northstar that experiences four seasons of adventure and the ability to create lasting memories. Northstar promotes families to live life together. With an abundance of activities for the whole family to choose from, no one has to feel left out. At Northstar, there are hiking tours, ski/snowboard teachers, and mountain bike guides available to educate the entire family on Mt. Pluto (Northstar). The most popular outdoor school Northstar offers is Burton Academy, where they have ski and snowboard teachers and where kids can also learn about Mt Pluto's history

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